The Founder's Story

Many people have asked me about the story behind Tru Bru. The Tru Bru story as is the case with many  successful businesses, is the story of a person and a family.


My story begins in beautiful Sao Paolo, Brazil where I was born and spent my formative years. I grew up in the village of Assis where my mother, who is my personal rock and my culinary inspiration, raised me on the love of God and the love of coffee.


Brazil is synonymous with excellent coffee and some of my fondest memories are of me waking up to the aroma of coffee beans being roasted by my mother. Her roasting expertise, blending skills and generous spirit made her a well known and most loved person in town.  To this day, that aroma takes me back to those wonderful years and cherished memories.


As the years passed, I moved away from Brazil, traveled to different countries and raised a beautiful family, but my love for coffee and my dream of having a coffeehouse never ceased. The vision I had for Tru Bru was that it would be a reflection of my organic, wholesome, nutritious, dietary way of  life.


Growing up around coffee and drinking it from a young age made me long for a quality based, freshly roasted cup of coffee in Orange County. The coffee bean is a perishable food and a few days after being roasted starts to lose some of its flavor, aroma, health benefits and the qualities that are unique to it. The antioxidant (quinine) levels drop significantly the longer the time between roasting, grinding and brewing of the bean.


That is the vision which led to the founding of Tru Bru. We only use organic, non GMO, pesticide free, highest quality coffee beans in all our drinks. We roast our beans on site - daily - in small batches, so you - our dear patrons - can taste, smell and indulge the superior flavor and quality in every cup.


I am passionate about providing my patrons- my friends- with the Truest form of the coffee bean, as well as organic, nutritious entrees, pastries and beverages. I don't look at Tru Bru as just my company but rather as an extension of my kitchen and my home.



I hope my story will inspire you to follow your dreams and achieve the goals you envision for yourself, just as Tru Bru started out as my dream and is now a beautiful reality. Feel at home, enjoy the ambiance, food, coffee, and beverages of Tru Bru. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.





Tru Bru Organic Coffee

7626 E Chapman Avenue, Suite D, Orange, CA 92869


Hours: Monday - Saturday              7:00 am - 9:00 pm

            Sunday                                7:00 am - 6:00 pm