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Tru Bru is a specialty coffee shop, micro roastery, and bustling cafe in the heart of Orange County.

We take a health and earth conscious approach to life and business. Sourcing only the highest quality Organic coffees from around the world. Quality is never compromised. We are very proud of the food and drinks that we serve our patrons, and have taken the time to perfect our systems so that you will be able to taste the quality and consistency in all our products. Our business philosophy is the time tested method of working hard, using quality ingredients and doing everything to the best of our ability.


 We consistently work with our business partners to purchase only the highest rated green coffee, but that is only the first of many steps needed to create the ultimate cup of coffee.  As a committed Organic Micro Roastery, we focus on optimal freshness. Coffee is a living thing, and once roasted is at its peak flavor for a mere 7 days. We roast our coffee every single day and only the amount that we will use for the following few days. This allows us to minimize waste, and constantly be using only coffees that are at their peak flavor. This translates directly into an amazing cup that you have to taste to believe.


Sourcing the best, and roasting freshly is only half of the story. Coffee can take years to grow and passes through  countless hands along the supply chain. The beans can travel thousands of miles before it makes its way to our doors. It’s a shame to let such a beautiful thing be destroyed in the final 30 seconds of its journey, simply because of inexperienced hands.


At Tru Bru we are home to several world class baristas, with many competing and winning awards on an international level. Our baristas constantly strive to perfect their craft and view coffee brewing as a culinary skill as well as an art form.  We implement one of the most extensive coffee training programs around. All our baristas have to advance through a rigorous set of steps to ensure that by the time they are preparing your drink, you can be assured that you are getting the best cup of coffee around.

We are passionate about our craft and hope that you enjoy our delicious coffee as much as we have in creating it for you.


Tru Bru Organic Coffee

7626 E Chapman Avenue, Suite D, Orange, CA 92869


Hours: Monday - Saturday              7:00 am - 9:00 pm

            Sunday                                7:00 am - 6:00 pm